Recycled Odds Ends & Leftovers Railroad


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This aerial photo shows the location of the ROE&L RR in my back yard and shows where the old railroad used to be. 2005

I should explain the name. A year after we moved into a new development I started building my first garden railroad (17’x27’). I went to the contractor and asked if there were any materials I could have. He said anything in the scrap piles and leftover gravel. The houses were trimmed with cedar wood. Every time a house was trimmed, that night I was looking over the scrap pile. I scavenged rocks, dirt, a torn up cement driveway (mine) and wood. I have also bought some used rolling stock and buildings. So we named the railroad the Odds Ends & Leftovers.

In building the new railroad, all the materials and plants from the old railroad are being used. Since nothing is left of the old railroad, and the new railroad has life and a purpose the name was changed to

“The Recycled Odds Ends & Leftovers.”

I became a backyard railroader in 1995 with my first railroad. The HO in the basement was dismantled and converted to a G scale layout.

The new ROE&L RR

Location: back yard

Size: “L” shaped, 45 feet by 65 feet

Scale: G scale, 1:20.3 and 1:24

Theme: 1920-1940 Southwest Ohio,

                fictitious line connecting

                three real towns.

Structures: Scratch built and modified kits